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Oriental Cockroaches

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Northern Carolina residents enjoy some of the best weather conditions in the world, and that lovely climate also attracts an abundance of nuisance creatures. Cockroaches are one of the biggest problems in the area, and the German cockroach is among the foulest of these pests. Here at MAXX Termite and Pest Control, we want you to have the facts that you need if you’re experiencing a problem with German cockroaches.

Identification of German Cockroaches

While the young are small and black in color with darker black stripes behind their head, the adult German cockroach can grow to a length of more than a half inch. Their coloring tends to look more tan or light brown, and you’ll see two distinct black stripes behind their head. The adults also have working wings and are capable of flying. However, they generally prefer to run at top speed across your floors, walls and ceilings. You’ll most likely find these roaches in kitchens, bathrooms and in any other area that offers food or moisture.

Dangers of German Cockroaches

This type of roach is known for its rapid breeding habits, and each female may hatch as many as 40 young at one time. This means that a couple of straggling roaches can turn into a large infestation quickly, and that can cause health problems for your family. For starters, German cockroaches produce an odor that often worsens allergies in sensitive persons, and this particular roach is tied to the incidence of asthma in children. They also spread bacteria and germs with their feet, and this puts humans at risk for diseases that include typhus and salmonella. Your possessions are at risk as well because these roaches love to eat paper products, and entire book collections have been lost to these hungry insects.

Proper Methods of Eradicating German Cockroaches

These roaches are extremely hardy and normally quite resistant to over-the-counter pesticides. Because they are also excellent hiders, roaches are often able to avoid these types of sprays as well. When you’re faced with an infestation of German cockroaches, it’s important that you hire a professional pest-control company to take care of the problem. A good company will use a top-of-the-line bait that is safe for families and their pets but deadly to roaches, and the technicians will know how to place the product so that you can be assured that every last roach is eliminated.

MAXX Protection Policy

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